Taking a hour or so break in Houston.  After Katrina the kids went to school here for a while and Reny still keeps in touch with an old friend whom he’s going to visit…So I guess I’ll take the time to give a little travel info!

What we packing?  We’re packing light… Each with a bag of clothes, an icechest, camping gear and a guitar. 

A few other supplies include:  HP Mini laptop with AT&T 3G connection, handheld CB radio, Flipvideo camera, 5D Canon and a couple lens, Ipod, MIO GPS, and an inverter to power some of the stuff that needs powering.

Carrying us through our journey is a 2010 Jeep Wrangler Mountain Ed. Mango Tango baby…lol. 

Ok, time’s up we are oscar mike to rendevouz with the Houston native.  Next stop will be San Antonio for an extended break then plowing through to Tuscon and possibly having dinner and a beer at Kate’s Saloon in Tombstone.

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