Tombstone Arizona…

Irish Nellie - our room was named from her. Tombstone Whore. ("There ain't no whores gold!!" - name that movie quote)

After driving nearly all night and most of the day, we finally made it to Tombstone Arizona.  Ran into our first problem of having no tent campgrounds anywhere close by, just RV parks. WTF!  But we found a room at Crazy Annie’s Bordello.  Just going to grab some sights and dinner then rest up for a few hours and get back on the road.  Hope to make it to Cali by midmorning.

Outside Big Nose Kate's

Ok, off to dinner at Big Nose Kates Saloon! Be back with some pictures later.


On another note…we’ve talked about this trip for so long and I never really thought how tough it would be away from Tammy and Lulu.  I mean, I’m with them 24/7. HOme and work…You’d think I’d welcome the vacation away, but each moment I miss them stinks more and more. For Zoe’s trip, maybe they can come if Zoe wants.

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