Bunnies, Hardrock, Virgin river…oh my

Where do I start?  Having gone the last few days without a quality internet connection we haven’t been able to update! Unless you’ve been following in FB, you’ve missed alot.  But even FB access via the phone has been quite sketchy.

The Playboy pool Grotto

A friend of mine Art, whom I met through Dave in was giving us a tour of LA and casually asks, “Hey, you guys want to visit the Playboy Mansion?”  Uhh…..no.  Seems a friend of his is one of the estates employees and could get us in.  DAMN, that place is everything you’d imagine or more.   There’s easily a couple million worth of animals there.  It’s like a mini zoo!  And the Grotto…way bigger inside than I thought.  No, we didn’t see Hef or any of the bunnies.  They make sure private tours are done by 10am so they can have their privacy.  But it was soemthing of a treat to walk the grounds,  play in the playroom, check out the gym and imagine what goes on during those parties in all the pillow cushioned nooks and cranny’s throughout the entire place.  Thanks Art!  You made a 17 year old’s dream come true.  or at least part of it.

Driving away from LA, we thought…”Man, what could top that?”  Totally unexpected!  Our plan was to head out from LA and hit Las Vegas for a night then onward to the Grand Canyon…As the tagline above says, “no rules, just the road…” Things didn’t turn out that way.  We did stop in Vegas, but the campground was NAAAASTY.  All it was was a parking lot…wtf?  Luckily it was a Sunday and the rooms were cheap.  So we shacked up at the Hard Rock. Just a few blocks away from what we came to Vegas for.  NBA Summer league games.   So we trek down to the Cox Pavillion after dinner (Sushi) only to find THEY ARE SOLD OUT!! WTF!  However, we were reassured that they would probably open up more seats once the Hornets game was about to start.  Sure enough, we scored 2 seats.  And on a side note…Does any one know why there were SO MANY TRAMPY DRESSED girls at this event?  I would swear it was scouts or something bringing girls for the potential NBA players.  IDK…but the place had a 2 handfuls (pun intended) of scantily clad big boobed and butt women.  No complaints, just wondering WTF was up with that. 

We lost...sucky

After the game, we did a quick walk down the Strip.  A lot had changed since I was there in 08. But things were the same as well.  We stopped and watched the fountain at the Belaggio, dodged the Mexicans with the call girl cards and grabbed a late night dinner at the Harley Davidson Cafe.     We got back to the hotel about 12am.  Tired…but I still had to pull out a camping site from my ass fro tomorrow’s trip to the Grand Canyon.  So I got on the net and scoured…I came across soem photos of Zion National Park and new THAT had to be on our list of stops this trip.  It was a little closer than the Canyon so we headed off to Utah the next morning.    Zion though…deserves it’s own blog. Zion IS this trip.  If we did nothing else, it would have been worth it for today alone.

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