North Rim – Trail of tears and a shower in 3 days…

Sorry no pictures for this yet…the crappy wifi here at the campgrounds general store won’t let me upload….but check the FB page.  FB search Pacific R&R.  If you see 2 handsome studs on the default, that’s us.

We’ve visited the Grand Canyon a couple of summers ago, but we were on the South Rim near Flagstaff.  IMO, the sunset on the South Rim was far superior than it was here on the North, however…The North Rim seems so much more peaceful and cool.  Still a good bit of tourist, but to reach the Canyon itself you have to drive at least 12 miles in from the main gate.    What was surprising in comparision to the South Rim were we visited before, was the dense vegetation/forests.  It’s awesome!  LOTS of pine…then you’ll catch a glance through it and see that the canyon is just beyond and a 5k foot drop.  Beautiful!

We arrived at the campground hoping a site would be open. Hey, lucky us…1 site open!  Perfect too…across from he bathrooms and short drive to showers!  We hadn’t showered since Vegas…haha  I know right?  But the climate in Zion was so dry you didn’t sweat really, and after hiking through the Virgin river in water up to our nipples at times it was like we bathed right?!!  So anyways,  we have the smart idea of renting some bikes.  Our first adventure here…There’s a bout a mile and half  trail that surrounds the park campgrounds which we eventually find…WEEEE great fun because most of it is downhill.  At the end of the trail there is a loong lookout over the Canyon.  Once we reached the end, at this point we nicknamed the rest of the trip – Trail of Tears.  HIking back up the damn forsaken canyon lookout was tough enough at 8kft elevation…but then we had to climb on the cursed stupid bikes and trek back up to our campsite!!!!  I NEVER FELT SO OUT OF SHAPE!  Whenever someone was hikign down, we’d stop and act like we were looking at the scenery while we sucked wind. F*CKER that shit was a chore.  When finally back, we returned the bikes with AUTHORITY!  Seriuosly, I would have rather taken the day hike up the Narrows again than that hell ride.

Later than evening we DROVE back to the point to catch the sunset.  In all honesty, it wasn’t all that spectactular.  Maybe if we hadn’t saw it a couple years ago…it just wasn’t as AWE jaw dropping.   Once we got back it was nightfall so we lit a fire, Reny played the guitar a bit then we showered and settled in. 

The campgrounds itself here on the North Rim is quite nice.  It’s in a fairly dense forested area so there’s shade everywhere.  Near the end where the lookout is, they have a lodge with quite a few small cabins for rent just near the edges of the canyon.  Probably makes for some beautiful sunrises.  Winter must be really nice since they do get some snow up here occasionally from what I understand.  Over all it’s a more user friendly campground compared to Zion…but Zion offers more adventure.  If we had another week we would have did the hike down the Canyon and camped…well actually, we’d probably have done the 16mile overnight trip in the Narrows before the Canyon.   Idk..toss up.   I’m DEFINITELY taking Tammy back to Utah once Lu get’s older or even a small weekend trip without Lu.  It’s really not some place I think you could enjoy with a baby and be able to do the hiking it has to offer at the same time.

Anyways, our journey is almost over…1 more camping night in Arizona. Flagstaff to be exact.  We’ll take it easy though. Get the Jeep’s oil changed, tires rotated and possibly 2 cracks filled in the windshield we acquired along the way here.

Sorry again I could post pictures here…I’ll try in Flagstaff.  Or check out the FB page for some uploads.  I was able to upload via my phone when we were on the lookout point.  Thats the ONLY place I had cell signal.

Till next stop!

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