San Antonio…

Lil Ren here recapping some things that happened in our latest stop…San Antonio.

So to start off San Antonio wasn’t the most enjoyable and stress-free stops so far.  So many things went wrong that just reading this may cause you to experience the same stress we had to face.  First off, we visited the Alamo which wasn’t anything special due to the fact that it was closed.  Then, dad’s super cool camara broke on us.  One little tiny pin in the memory card slot was bent, therefore not allowing him to take any pictures with it.  Thank God for Iphones though.  Their camara’s work just fine.

We then went to the riverwalk to get something to eat.  By the way, the Hard Rock makes some extremely awesome burgers.  Dad got a salad because he’s a little girl and has to stick with his diet.  As we made our way to the car the waitress came sprinting toward us with my phone in her hand.  How it came into her possession, I don’t know. 

Thirty minutes out of the city we stop for gas.  There we realize we left the credit card at the Hard Rock.  So we make our way back to the city while listening to the annoying GPS voice telling us to go the wrong way like it has been doing all day.  Luckily, we got the card and hit the road once again.

Now we’re on our way to Tombstone rocking out to some ACDC and Guns N’ Roses.  It doesn’t really get any better that this.

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