A Roadtrip…

I had my first child in 93 but  I was still pretty much a kid myself at the age of 17.   When Lil Reny was still just a little baby I would wonder what he was going to be like when he grew up, what I  would be like through those years. Will I make a good father? Will we be close? Can I really do this?  I love my own father unconditionally, but I can’t truly say we have the best relationship.  Not that it’s a bad one, just not as close as many fathers and sons. We have little in common I guess.  But he was ALWAYS there for us when needed.  He provided and then some.  So watching my own son growing up, I always hoped that I could be someone he could be a best friend to.  Not only provide the necessities one needs in life, but also companionship that makes up a fulfilled life.

When Reny turned 13, we often talked about a road trip we could share.  At the time it was just a fun idea we’d always come back to. Thinking of the different places we stop and what parts of America we could see.  Just something to talk about…But as I got older, as we both did this trip began to take a new meaning to me.  After Katrina he and his sister moved away to TN with their mom and much time was lost.  All the little things we normally takek for granted in our daily lives I missed,  helping with the homework, watching them play sports, late nights watching stupid movies…  then all of a sudden they are grown.  Going into the senior year, visiting colleges and planning a career and life of their own.  From 17 years old to 34… where did it go?  It’s funny…he’s 17 now, the age I was when I had him.  so maybe when he’s 34 he’ll be sitting down with his own son or daughter reading this blog to them saying, “This is the summer your grandpa and I went on an adventure….This is the summer your grandpa and I discovered the West…but most importantly, this is the summer we discovered ourselves over again and confirmed we are best friends…”

So, I invite you to follow along on this journey.  I promise not to make this blog as sentimental as this post.  And if you know me and Lil Ren, it’ll be quite filled with antics, mischief and most importantly humor!

I’ve also made a Facebook (Pacific R&R) page where we’ll upload shots and/or video of the trip!

Well, it’s 12:20am and I’ve gotta be up early.  See you soon!

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