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Chances are if you are reading this you already know at least one of us, but in the event you were unlucky enough to stumble upon this site out of the entire internet…

Reny aka Flip aka the older Dad version Reny -  34 year old Husband, dad and photographer.  http://www.flipstylephotography.com

Reny aka Lil Ren – 17 year old Highschool Senior…Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter (hopefully one of dad’s future cashcows)

Our trip:  Geez, seems like we’ve talked about this forever…and it’s finally happening.  Our plan is to reach the West Coast, stand in water, soak up some rays then head back. Of course, visiting friends we’ve come to know in our life along the way.  There’s Dave and Dick in Orange County. No, they aren’t gay lovers…but Dave and Dick sound like it would be eh?  Blair Johnston (makeup artist) in Los Angeles who actually came from Louisiana and Dwight north of LA.  The guys above are also photographers by profession or hobby.  Then there’s Tiffany, one of Lil Ren’s friends from his summer at Standford also in OC.

From there, off  for a quick stop in Vegas to visit an old school buddy Anthony, who now calls Vegas home since the “Storm”(…a talented tattoo artist…maybe some new ink for me?)  then finally a stop at the Grand Canyon before the trek home.

Of course, none of it is set in stone thus the tagline – NO rules, just the road.

Start with the the first blog entry….

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  1. You are SO much cooler to me now. ;)

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