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Family Celebrations

Almost every Christmas or Christmas Eve my dad's side of the family all gather at my Maw Maw Mona's house. We cook food, open presents, and have fun as a family. We have family parties all the time, but sometimes a couple family members can't make it. During Christmas though, everyone is there. No one misses the Christmas party. The best Christmas party was the the party before my Uncle Junior died. It was the last family party before he died which made the party an amazing memory. The people, atmosphere, and traditions make the Ramos family Christmas parties amazing.


Here, (from left to right) Baby Fe, Maria, Zoe, I, and Alex open presents for Christmas. Everyone goes into the dining room and watches everyone exchange gifts.


The people who attend number about twenty to thirty people in attendance. It is mostly those who live within the state or nearby. The party is held at my grandmother's house in Laplace, Louisiana every year. The main people who are there every year are my Maw Maw Mona and my Paw Paw Ray. Then, there are all of my aunts; my Aunt Sylvia, Aunt Zenida, Aunt Sheri, Aunt Angela, and my nanny, Aunt Lydia. Then, there are all of my uncles; my Uncle Glen, my Uncle James, and Uncle Bernie. Every now and then my aunts and uncles from my mother's side of the family attend the Ramos Christmas party to see my sister and I. My mother's side of the family does not see my sister and I very often since we live in Tennessee and they live in Louisiana, so they visit us when we are with our dad during school breaks. The people at the party are always cheerful. We never have fights, arguements, or conflict at the Christmas parties. When we are hanging out outside of the party, we have small fights. At the Christmas party, everyone gets along.
My Maw Maw Mona hosts the Christmas party every year. Here, she is wearing her Santa Clause hat eating. My Aunt Lydia is in the background trying to get out.

People say that the atmosphere of a place makes it comfortable or fun. You hear this term used regarding football games, colleges, and schools. Well the atmosphere of the Ramos family Christmas parties make it the best. The atmosphere of the party makes everyone feel at home, no matter who attends. It makes those who are not family feel like family. No one is left out also. You will always be talking to someone or doing something with someone else. There is not a moment where you will feel alone. We also know how to have fun at the parties. The most fun we have happens when we are eating. My family revolves around food. We go out to eat almost three times a week. We always cook or go to someone else's house to eat that night. Food brings the whole family together. We always have an excessive amount of food at the parties, so hunger is not a problem.

Tammy and my dad were married the summer before Christmas of 2007 (shown above). Even before they were married Tammy was welcome in our family. She would usually attend Christmas parties before they married each other.
Every year the Christmas party has a number of traditions that are upheld. The first is the gift opening. The gift opening happens the same way every year. Everyone gathers in the dining room where the gift opening chair is. There, one by one, everyone sits to open their presents for the family to see. This makes everyone feel special in the sense that they have everyone's attention. They do not feel left out. Then, either after or before the present opening, we have a huge game of Texas Hold 'em Poker. The main people who play include me, my Aunt Sheri, my dad, my grandmaw, my Uncle Bernie, my Aunt Lydia, and my friend Vinh. We are the first ones to say yes while anyone else only plays when they want to. Just recently, we started a new tradition when it is possible for it to be continued. I usually bring my guitar to family parties to play for everyone. Now, I play at every single party when I have my guitar. My family is very musical, so everyone has fun.
My dad and I are very close. He is my dad and one of my best friends. Here, we're posing in front of the fireplace in our jackets.
When the whole family gets together, it makes for a great party. Everyone has fun and no one feels alone or left out. The people are numerous and the atmosphere is unbeatable. The traditions that the family has makes the party amazing. Nothing can match the feeling of seeing everyone together having fun like a good family should. There is no fighting among family members or disagreements. Everyone is happy. The best part about it is that it will never end. Even when my grandmother dies or something terrible happens, there will always be a Ramos family Christmas party.

Paw Paw Ray always has fun when the whole family is together. He is the nicest man in the world and takes extreme care of his family. Paw Paw Ray is a great grandfather. I feel extremely blessed to have him as a grandfather.


This is an example of the fun we have at the Ramos family Christmas parties. We are a very goofy family, especially my dad and my sister.

This is a picture of this past Christmas. My sister and I are here with my grandparents, Renato and Ramona Ramos.

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