School Days

People say that your school years are the best of your life. I cannot say that I agree yet because I have yet to live the other half of my life. So far though, my school years have been great. From kindergarden to my junior year, every moment has been amazing. There have been obstacles along the way, but everyone sees those obstacles in life. It is not the obstacles that make school life unforgettable, but it is those special moments you share with friends that make the years spent in school great. You make friends and you lose friends. You have fun, but there are also times when you are brought down. Through every turn, there are those unforgettable moments that stay with you throughout life. Those moments ultimately summarize your school years. My friends, teachers, and special memories have made my twelve years in school unforgettable.


This was my first kindergarden school photo. I had straight teeth and huge dimples back then. I was quite the cute kid.
When I started kindergarten, my two best friends were Joshua Brunette and Sean Clair. We had been friends since before kindergarden and are still friends today. In kindergarden, the three of us were split up. We ended up having three different teachers so we only saw each other after school and at recess. My first new friend I made in kindergarden was Blake Montalbano, whom I have not seen since the sixth grade. I kept that same group of friends, among others, until about seventh grade. While in seventh grade, Hurricane Katrina swept across Louisiana. After the hurricane, I moved to Maryville, Tennessee. When I moved to Tennessee, I did not know anyone. My first real friends were Austin Canfield and Robby Morsch, my friends till this day. My friends have been the main components in my incredible school life. They will undoubtedly be the biggest part in the continuation of an amazing school career.
This is a picture of me with my first grade card. I made straight A's that year. Everyone was so proud, especially me.


My teachers have been another thing to make school awesome. They not only teach facts and information on different subjects, but they also teach their students life lessons. I have had the opportunity to be the student of these great teachers, the ones who teach morals and values that can be used in the future. My first teacher was Mrs. Rowely. She was a short lady who would never be seen without a smile on her face. She rarely yelled at her student and always kept a level-head. She was by far the happiest teacher that I have ever had. The next teacher that stands out in my mind is Mr. Malone. He was my freshman physical science teacher. He was a cool guy who was always having fun with his class. Out of all my teachers, he spent the most time really having fun with his class. He was never unfair and never got mad at anyone. Finally, my favorite teacher is Mr. Griffen, my sixth grade teacher. He has been the only teacher to really influence who I am today. He taught me how to be a better person and how to treat people the right way. He started a group called The Crusaders that would meet in the cafeteria every Friday after school to pray the rosary. He invited me to go one Friday, and after that, I kept going.


This is a picture of me in the second grade. I changed so much since kindergarden. My teeth became crooked, and my hair was extremely messed up.
  In everyone's high school life there are those special moments that stay with them forever. I only have twelve years of school experience but those moments have already happened, and I'm sure there are plenty more to come. Some of those moments include my first high school football game and my first day at Maryville High School. My first football game was definitely unforgettable. It was the Maryville vs. Alcoa game my freshman year. I had heard that the football games were fun, but I never knew how fun they really were. At the time, people I knew would get a group of friends together and walk around, but I did not do that. I went with some of my friends, and we actually watched the game. I was surprised by how into the game I got. I quickly began shouting and screaming for Maryville every time a big play would happen. It was a great experience in my life. That day made me a life-long Maryville Rebels fan. My first day at Maryville is also a memory that will never stray away from my mind. I came into Maryville from New Orleans, Louisiana. I talked with a heavy New Orleans accent, and everyone noticed. I remember having perfect strangers come up to me and ask me to say something like quarter or dollar. I never knew I talked so differently from everyone else until that day.
I hear people say that they cannot wait until college comes around or to get out of school, but I somewhat disagree. Though college life sounds like quite an adventure, I would not mind staying in high school for a little while longer. Even though I have enormous amounts of homework every night and people to deal with, I would not mind doing it everyday. I would love to see my friends everyday and to see those same teachers that make you a better person. I would give anything to keep having those moments that stick within your mind. I know that I cannot have my wish granted, but I know that I can at least enjoy those things that make school life amazing while they last.