Grandparent Interview

She wakes up every weekday at 6:45 A.M. She eats breakfast and leaves for work at precisely 7 A.M. When asked what she does at work, she replied, “I do inspections so the Plant don’t blow up.” Her name is Jodi Collins. Jodi is your average United States citizen. She goes to work on weekdays and relaxes on the weekends. Jodi is the daughter of Joseph and Lillian Collins and the mother of four children. She is also my grandmother. She enjoys things like football and family, and she dislikes things such as carrots and hurricanes. Jodi has her own opinions and views just like everyone else in the world. She can relate to everyone else except that she is a great grandmother. Jodi Collins shows why she is a great grandmother through her day-to-day living and personal philosophy.
This is a picture of MiMi holding me when I was a baby. She has been a great grandmother to me and my siblings.
Jodi’s day consists of mostly work and home life. In her life, there are her likes and dislikes. Her favorite foods are fruits and chocolate cake, and she dislikes vegetables such as carrots. Her favorite part of the day is the morning because, “the sunshine is so beautiful,” and she loves the spring season because, “everything is so green and fresh and new.” Some hobbies of hers include riding her bike, singing, and playing her electric piano. Among her favorite things in the world, Jodi states that family was her number one. Jodi singe-handedly raised four children for a number of years. When questioned about her favorite activity to do with her family, she simply said, “Watching football!” Jodi is an avid football fan. She especially loves the New Orleans Saints, her favorite team. She also enjoys playing music with her family and seeing everyone together.
My mom's side of the family is very musical. Here MiMi is singing some karaoke at our Halloween party. She loves to sing, along with the rest of my family.
Besides her hardships as a single mother, Jodi has gone through numerous life-altering experiences. When asked about one of these experiences, she replied say it was, “the total devastation of my life and my property.” The event she speaks of is Hurricane Katrina. Jodi lost her home and possessions due to the hurricane. After the disaster, she moved back to Arabi, Louisiana and found a job for an oil company. She is the alloy inspector that makes sure nothing goes wrong in the process. When she was asked what her most interesting experience was, she said, “I had a good catch, carbon steel versus nine chrome. It could have caused a lot of damage if it would have been put into service.” Then, when asked to tell of something funny that happened recently, she again mentioned her work and said, “Ii was inside a crate inspecting some huge Elbows (work term), and one of the guys took my ladder, and I couldn’t get out. They thought it was real funny.
This is the oldest picture of MiMi that I have. She was a pretty woman when she was younger. She is still a pretty woman today.
Like every other human being, Jodi expresses certain opinions. She has opinions of things from people to education. She stated that the greatest person of this century, in her opinion, was Reny Ramon Ramos and Saint Theresa for past centuries. She said that the, “discovery of landing on the Moon,” was the greatest achievement of the twentieth century. When asked about education, she said that, “compared to my days in school, there are better teaching methods in today’s schools. Teachers are much better in holding children’s interest. Finally, when asked her philosophy on education, Jodi exclaimed, “to expand the minds of the young to ensure the strength of knowledge in our great country!”
This is a picture of MiMi and Paw Paw J at their wedding. They stayed together for a number of years before getting divorced.


Jodi also gave me great advice when being interviewed. She gave me advice on things such as friendship and the economy. On the topic of friendship, she advised, “accept people for who they are because we are all individuals with our own ideas.” Her advice opened y eyes to the way the whole world should see things. If everyone had the dame view as Jodi, there would be no war. We should make her president! With her advice on education, Jodi also gave me advice on the economy. She said that the biggest problem with our nation is unemployment. She stated, “If we don’t stabilize our work force, we are in trouble because it is the little people that keep the economy running smooth by spending and circulating the money.If we, the middle class people, don’t have jobs, the nation will suffer as it is because all of the jobs are being sent out of the country….sad sad day.”  
  Jodi Collins, she is a mother, grandmother, philosopher, and advisor. Before, I stated that Jodi was just like everyone else in the world. I was mistaken. She is a one-of-a-kind and unique woman whose strength cannot be matched. In the future, I will tell my children of her and her wisdom. Ii will tell them to accept those who are different, even when no one else will. Ii will stress the importance of education, just like Jodi has. Through her day-to-day living and personal philosophy, Jodi Collins shows why she is the greatest grandmother of all.