Poem: Where I'm From

I am from Cajun food
From Zatarans and beignets.
I am from the watery bayou.
I am from hurricanes
And hurricane parties.
I am from poker games and karaoke singing.
I am from Renato Jr. and Felicia
From family debates
And movie watching.
I am from be yourself to love everyone.
I am from catholic schools
And Sunday masses.
I am from New Orleans
And Renato Sr. and Ramona.
I am from fried rice and shrimp.
I am from the pinky my grandpa lost to the buzzsaw
My mom's fifth place finish in a national singing contest.
In the attic
Sits a large cardboard box
Filled with photos of the past
Photos I can look at for hours
Never getting bored.
It is from these
That I stand here now.

My dad and I drove through the mountains while he was visiting Tennessee. We stopped by a trail and decided to walk down it for awhile. We came across this stream and just sat around enjoying nature. Here, I am sitting on a large boulder in the middle of the stream.