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Spring Break '09

During the spring break of 2009, my dad suprised me with a cruise to Mexico for one week. The people who came were me, my dad, Zoe, Tammy, and Maw Maw Mona. It was a great cruise that I wish lasted longer.

While we waited for our rooms to be ready, we went to the pool deck and waited. It was pretty hot. I spent a good amount of time at the pool. This is also where I met everyone on the cruise.
Our first stop was Cozumel, Mexico. Zoe got her hair braided, and the necklace I'm wearing was made there also. It was very fun and very hot.
We bought a Luchador mask while in Cozumel. Maw Maw had a few too many drinks and decided to wear the mask for the whole day. She also punched a guy with the mask on. Just Kidding!! (She drop kicked him).



There were a couple of statues in Mexico like the one above. All of them showed wierd-looking people in funny poses. My sister and I attempted to mimic this statue and the person on it.
Our next stop was Belize. There, school was still in session, so we saw many children going to school. The school hours there are very different there. My sister and Tammy wanted to take a picture with one of the girls.



While we were in Belize we were entertained by a Belizian band. They play almost everyday for tourist and local people. They made the trip even more fun.

One of the best things about Mexico and Belize was the landscape. This is a picture of Belize's nature. The land is characterized by forests and mountains as seen above.



During the trip there were many chances to get your photo taken by the ship photographers. They would usually wait in the main lobby where many people had to pass to go to dinner. This is one of the many formal photos we took on the cruise.
Almost every night there were parties that had certain themes. This picture was taken during the all white party.

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