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Hawaii 2007

During the summe of 2007, I went to Kawai with my family for my dad's wedding. We passed over the Pacific Ocean on our eight hour flight.

We got leid as we exited the airport. I am not sure why my tongue is sticking out.
We visited a big water spout while in Hawaii. Everytime the waves rolled in water would shoot into the air. It was like a mini-Old Faithful but with water instead of steam.

This is a picture of me and my dad before the wedding. We both decided to wear white while most of the girls wore colored outfits.



Hawaii offered a good number of excursions and tours, including the helicoptor tour above. It took us through the whole island. We saw the waterfall at the beginning of Jurassic Park 1, and, while we were there, Tropic Thunder was being filmed.

I guess my sister and I were very excited to take a helicopter tour. I look very enthused.



Of course we had to go to a Hawaiin beach. The sand was perfect, and the water felt great. My dad and I ripped the waves with our cool boogie boards.
This is the beach were my dad and Tammy got married. The beach was awesome except for the steep, downhill hike we had to do to get there.


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