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Autobiography Pictures

I was my parents first child and my grandparents first grandchild. Aunt Lydia was asked to be my godmother and my Uncle Glen was asked to be my godfather.

This is the day I was born. Those are hands from two different people by the way. My mom does not have one abnormally large and manly hand.


I was a cute little baby. I had a good bit of baby fat, and everybody loved that. I also had really big dimples which can still be seen today.

I am not sure what I was looking at or what I had just eaten but whatever it was, it was bad. My face can show that.
Everyone says that my little sister Lucera looks alot like me when I was her age, and she is one cute baby. In conclusion, I was a cute baby too.
I'm not sure if I was crying or laughing in this picture. My parent were very young when I was born. My dad still had the long hair style of his time and my mom actually still looks about the same today.
This is me rocking the large sunglasses. My parents loved to dress me up in funny clothing when I was a child. I looked pretty cool though. I won't lie.
Again, this is a perfect example of the baby torture my parents put me through. That is a very cool hat though. Theres the baby fat again.

How do you like my ride? I thought it was pretty cool back then. I would probably break it if I sat on it now.
Every now and then I would take my baby Harley Davidson bike on the road. My bike was in the shop when this photo was taken so instead I went to the local fair and rode this one.

I think I was in Florida for this picture. DisneyWorld usually has a show that has a tropical theme or something like that. No matter what the theme is, the girl is really pretty.

I am going to take a wild guess and say that I was falling asleep when this picture was taken. My family must have decided that taking a picture of me was much better than putting me in a warm, comfortable bed. Thanks family!



I must have been thinking, "Wow! You are one good-looking kid." This was taken at my grandmaw's house before the fire.

I was wild monkey like as a child. This picture must have been taken at Audobon Zoo in New Orleans. I'm showing my amazing monkey impression.

This picture was taken on the day my sister was born. The whole family was there. This is me and my grandma looking into the baby room waiting for Zoe to come out.
My sister Zoe is the baby girl in the seat. She is three years younger than me. I still cannot believe that she is thirteen.
This is a picture of me, my mom, and my little sister. I think I am sticking my tongue out on this one. I always used to make funny faces at the camera.
My family is very religious. My sister and I are seen here at church. I am not exactly sure what church it is though.
This picture was taken right after I stole my sister's candy. She was just getting revenge by choking me. I'm just kidding.
I must have been about four in this photo. My grandpa drove an old BMW back then which is seen in this picure. I guess I was supposed to be matching the BMW.

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