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Autobiography Pictures

My parents signed me up for a child's pageant when I was about four. I won first prize apparently since I'm holding a big trophy.

This is a picture of me during one of my birthday parties. The party was a power ranger theme which is why I'm wearing a power ranger outfit.
This is another picture of the power ranger-themed party. My parents hired a guy to dress like the blue power ranger and to come to my party. I'm pretty sure I cried the first time I saw him.
This is a picture of my fifth birthday. I was a huge star wars and power rangers fan at the time. My cousins Alex and Fe are standing by me.
I would go to the Audobon Zoo alot as a child. This is a picture of my sister Zoe and I at the zoo. The zoo was my favorite place to go when I was young.
This is a picture of me and my grandpaw at my Aunt Nancy's wedding. Though we were at a wedding, my grandpaw always dressed very nice.
I must have been about seven or eight when this picture was taken. I was at my grandmaw's house with the pool in the background.
As I started to get older, my teeth started to become crooked, and I started to lose all my cute baby fat. My two cousins, Andrew and Alex, are in the background of this picture.
My mom's company has an annual "bring your child to work" day. I was about ten or eleven in this photo. My sister is the one on the left in the blue, and I am the tallest one on the right.
My dad and I are really close. This picture was taken in his car on the way to the zoo one day. I always have fun when I'm chilling with my dad.
My dad and I have the same goofy sense of humor. This shows my dad and I mocking this statue in the Audobon Zoo.
This is a picture of me at Raising Canes, one of the best chicken places in the world. I also used to wear glasses when I was younger, as seen in this picture.
Santa Clause usually comes to me for advice on who should be on the naughty list. I am his personal advisor in a way. I think I see my sister's name on there.
This is another picture of me, my dad, and my sister at Wonderworks. We are in front of the laser tag area. My dad looks like the only normal one in the picture which is pretty uncommon.
In this photo, my sister and I are sitting on some rocks in the river. My sister and I are very similar in many ways. Alot of people say we look like among others.


This is a picture of me, my dad, and my sister. My sister and I are very close with our parents, which can be seen here in this photo.


My dad and Tammy came to visit me and my sister in Tennessee one October. We took them to Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge since they rented a cabin nearby.

This is another picture showing me and my dad's goofiness. The picture on the wall is in Wonderworks in the portrait section of the building.
One night while my dad and Tammy visited us, we decided to walk around Gatlinburg. We walked up and down the main street there. My dad suprised us in this photo which explains Tammy's face.
While we were in Gatlinburg, we decided to go on the ski lift. My dad and I were taking random photos and decided to act like we were scared.
My dad and I made a fire in the back of our cabin when they came up from Louisiana. We roasted smores that night and just sat around talking.
Why my dad and I are wearing short in this photo, I don't know. I bet we were cold though.
My dad and I love to go four-wheeling in the spillway near our house. We both have utility four-wheelers, so we can truck through heavy mud and water. We took this picture after I made it through some deep water.


While we were in San Francisco, my dad and I rented a Camaro. I love cars so when we rented the Camaro I was excited. Even though my dad didn't let me drive it, it was still really cool to ride in.

This picture was taken in my Classical Era class at Stanford. I'm wearing my favorite hat in this photo and listening to music. I love music and can usually be seen listening to it.
My dad and I drove around San Francisco and came across this old fort. The fort over looked the San Francisco Bay and sat right next to the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm not sure why I'm posing like this.

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